Philadelphia Safe and Sound Responds to the Status Report Letter

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January 7, 2008


Winter 2008 Course Catalogue is Released with United Way

Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia Safe and Sound (PSS), a child advocacy non-profit has released its Winter 2008 Network of Afterschool and Youth Development Programs Professional Development Training Catalogue. Aimed at community-based providers in the PSS Network, the courses are offered throughout the year in partnership with United Way’s Impact Initiative. (Download PDF)

“Our primary goal is to bring the highest quality services to children and families,” said Anne L. Shenberger, President and CEO of PSS. “These professional development opportunities help our providers put best practices into action, improve program quality, and make afterschool a dynamic time for learning and growth.”

Philadelphia Safe and Sound is the city’s largest manager of afterschool programs. The organization funds, monitors and provides technical assistance to over 200 programs citywide. These include the Afterschool Initiative, Beacon Programs and the 21st Century Community Learning Centers. Also, new this year, PSS has begun offering professional development trainings to staff in PSS-managed violence prevention programs, which include Parent Truant Officers, Curfew Center staff and staff in the Adolescent Violence Reduction Partnership (AVRP).

Both administrative and direct line staff are required to take between 7.5 to 15 hours of professional development training annually. Workshops offered include Nutrition: Healthy Snacks; Stress Management for Youth; Building Community Partnerships; and the Program Director’s Roundtable. Providers can register online through PSS’s Web site.

Philadelphia Safe and Sound
Philadelphia Safe and Sound is an independent non-profit organization that improves the health, safety, and well-being of children and youth through research, technology, program management, and advocacy. The PSS Network of Afterschool and Youth Development Programs includes more than 200 programs across the City of Philadelphia, including the nationally renowned Beacon Program, the Afterschool Initiative, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, and violence prevention programs. PSS manages, monitors, funds and offers best practices and technical assistance. Programs in the Network are associated with high quality, safe environments for kids.

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