How Does Highway Guardrail Keep our Kids Safe?

highway guardrail
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Keeping kids safe is one of our biggest challenges, not only in Philadelphia, but across the country.  A highway guardrail works in two ways. First, it helps to maintain traffic control and keep cars where they should be. Second, it ensures the safety of drivers on either end to avoid disaster and major crashes. Anywhere you go in the country, these are going to play the same role and look nearly identical – and with good reason. There are federal requirements for them to meet expectations for driver safety. For your sake and the sake of everyone else on the road, these have to work well and they have to make the roadways secure. Alongside construction signs, these are crucial in roadway safety.

The Purpose of the Guardrail

You have seen a guardrail before, most likely. These are everywhere in the country, no matter the highway. When driving alongside them, they keep cars from entering areas outside of the road, including oncoming traffic and off ledges. If a car were to swerve, crash, or otherwise have a problem while driving, these can keep the driver as safe as possible.

They also protect drivers from anything coming into the road. If another driver drives off the road, hitting the guardrail, it lessens the risk and potential damage to other drivers.

In darkness or areas with high risk of driving off the road, the guardrail can help to maintain traffic flow and keep people going where they should. By having a constant line directing traffic, drivers know where to drive even when visibility is low.

Drivers that hit the guardrail directly are safer, too. Designed for impact, they minimize the potential harm to the driver as much as possible. Whether into the side or straight into the guardrail, it can take a large amount of the impact. This will slow down the driver and ensure that there is no piercing of the vehicle.

A Joined Effort

Construction signs and guardrails work together for the safety of the people. Construction workers and the drivers on the road can rely on these to keep the risk of bodily harm minimal. They exist for a good reason, and that reason is safety. They are the most effective means of traffic control and keeping the roads secure.

As long as you respect the signs and the guardrail, you can trust that you will have a safer time on the highway. They are there for you and for everyone else, and they serve their purpose well.

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